Planting Puzzle Personal License


This Agreement constitutes a legal commitment between you (hereinafter referred to as the “Licensee”), and GREENIMAL STUDIO S.R.L, called from now on „GREENIMAL STUDIO”, which owns the online shop, referred from now on as “the Shop“. GREENIMAL STUDIO regulates the use of documents that are sent by e-mail and can be downloaded upon purchase of plant modules projects, hereinafter referred to as “Products“. By acquiring these, the Licensee agrees to fully comply with the terms and conditions of this document, referred from now on as the “Document“, “Agreement” or “Licence“.

If you are entering into this agreement on behalf of your employer, the license granted and restrictions and limitations recited herein apply to your employer as well as to you as a representative of your employer. Should you cease working for your employer, your employer may continue to operate under this agreement.

Upon opening a Planting Puzzle product, or receiving by any means (electronic or otherwise), you agree to accept and be bound by the terms and conditions of this agreement. Once the delivery has been received, there can be no refund. Products that were damaged or incompletely downloaded can be replaced for no fee.


All our Products are copyrighted and are the property of GREENIMAL STUDIO. These are protected by international copyright law, international treaty provisions and they may not be copied or reproduced in any manner. The Licensee‘s rights to use the documentation received upon their purchase are subject to this Agreement through which it is granted a non-exclusive licence enabling to download and use the plant module projects under the terms and conditions explained in this Document.
Through this Document, you acknowledge and agree that by acquiring a Product, its ownership is not transferred to you. The two types of licences are the PlantingPuzzle Personal Licence, hereinafter referred to as the “Personal Licence“, and the PlantingPuzzle Reseller Licence, hereinafter referred to as the “Reseller Licence“.


3.1 Allowed uses

With a Personal Licence, as a Licensee you will be able to use the documentation for the acquired Product in the following ways:

a) in one green space, located at a single address, which you want to decorate;
b) it can only be used for personal and not commercial purposes. If you want to sell the purchased Product, you need the Reseller Licence;
c) You may purchase a Product in order to offer it free of charge (as a gift) to a single Final Beneficiary. The Licensee has the obligation to notify the Final Beneficiary about this Document and its content and to provide a copy or the original of it. The final Beneficiary must agree to the provisions of this Document and at the moment of accepting the Product, he becomes directly responsible for compliance with this Agreement;
d) the modular garden project may be used in the planning of a green space repeatedly, as long as it is used at the same address, owned by the same landlord;
e) it is allowed to use a Product in conjunction with other Products purchased from the Shop, or by incorporating it in a larger arrangement with other plants existing on the site, or purchased separately from the planting plans received after the Product is downloaded;
f) it is allowed to make minor modifications to a modular garden project (the purchase and planting of the same species of plants but at different sizes from those recommended in the planting plan; modification of distances between plants at planting time according to their size at purchase; the replacement of plant species with others with similar requirements and qualities belonging to the same genre);
g) The publishing on Social Networks or other online environments is only allowed for the simulation picture of the purchased product (which also can be seen in the Shop). This is only allowed if the picture is accompanied by our website name

3.2 Prohibited uses and the Licensee’s obligations

With a Personal Licence, as a Licensee you will NOT be able to use the documentation for the acquired Product in the following ways (but not limited to):

a) the sale or redistribution of the documentation received as a result of purchasing a Product from the website, individually or in block, is strictly forbidden. If you want to sell the purchased product, you will need the Reseller Licence;
b) You do not have the right to publish online, either on websites or on social media profiles or pages, the documentation you receive after you purchase a Product. The documentation may not be distributed, displayed, communicated or transmitted publicly or privately to any person or entity, or published or offered free of charge or payed in any printed or online publication and in any other online or physical medium. The only part of the documentation that can be submitted publicly or privately is the simulation of the modules that appear in the Shop, and you can publish it only if you will mention the name of;
c) it cannot be used in software applications or similar products where can have the role of either decorating or representing the main element of the product – the product derives from our documentation;
d) cannot be used in any way that could affect the reputation of GREENIMAL STUDIO S.R.L;
e) cannot be used as part of a trade name, registered trademark or visual identity;
f) the modification of the Products by replacing the plants noted in the planting plans with other plants of another genre, or the association of the plants from a modular project with other technically and / or visually non-compatible ones;
g) it is forbidden to extract and / or multiply the information contained in the documentation received after the purchase of a Product;
h) the Licensee, the Final Beneficiary, the landscape contractor that builds the garden or a third party may not claim copyright, or may not assume in any way any merit of creation of the Product or associate its image with the Product unless it signs a written agreement with GREENIMAL STUDIO SRL.


a) after the purchase of a Product, you will have a limit of 2 (two) downloads of the files containing the documentation;
b) the download link expires within 30 days of the date of purchase.


If it will be necessary, GREENIMAL STUDIO S.R.L may request the Licensee to show up the Licence for verification as well as other documents that can demonstrate the rightful acquisition of a Product and its use in the terms stated in this Document. It applies if you purchased the Product directly from the Shop, but also if you received a Product from a third party.

You can only use the Product for lawful purposes. Also, you can’t use the Product in connection with defamatory, obscene or demeaning material, or in connection with sensitive subjects.

This Licence applies in conjunction with the Planting Puzzle Terms and Conditions for your use of the Shop. If there is an inconsistency between this licence and the Planting Puzzle Terms and Conditions, this licence will apply to the extent necessary to resolve the inconsistency.


This Agreement is automatically terminated without notice if you will not comply with any of its provisions. If you wish to terminate the Agreement yourself, destroy all documentations of the Products purchased on our website and all of its copies. Also, the termination of this Agreement will not affect in any way the interdictions mentioned in chapter 3.2 and does not affect the existing payment obligations.


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