Everything you need

No need to study plants behavior, or risk and arrange them in a way that leads to health issues. The plants associated in a group are chosen to work well one with another.

Save more time

Choosing our premade garden designs saves your time. It is way quicker than contracting a landscape architect, and much cheaper.

Easy to use

You don’t need to research which plants are better suited for your full sun or shadow area, we took care of this and organized the groups for each category.


Enjoy any season in style. Gardens are living spaces, showing gorgeous changes throughout the year.

Urban style 05

From 50€

Frosted yard 03

From 45€

Easy to find plants

We put together only groups of plants which are most decorative and easy to find on the market. Check our Nearest Retailer map to find the closest garden center or plant nursery.

Perfect plants for your climate

You don’t need to wrap around your head on information like which plant is better suited for your climate area. Choose the right plants based on their hardiness zones.

Phase it as you need

There is no need to build your whole garden at once. You are free to do it in multiple phases, today a group of plants, next month another.

DIY garden designing

Don’t want to contract a landscape designer? Do the design by yourself. You have all the info that you need to choose the best projects for your place in the filter sidebar. Combine them and create your own space!

Great looking designs

You don’t have to place every plant by yourself risking to end up with a not so pleasant combination. Our plant groups are made with volumetric and chromatic compositions in mind, by landscape architects.

Your garden is part of your home

Impress your friends, relax or just spend time in your future garden space with your loved ones. It just may become your new favorite spot. Enjoy it!

Clients reviews


“I was thrilled to find out that I can design my garden with no fuss. I found the project that I liked, and then implemented it with the team from the garden center where I bought the plants.”

– Silviu G.


“As a construction engineer, many homeowners ask beside the house itself, for garden design also. With Planting Puzzle I managed to fulfill their needs. “

– Mihai D.


“Great support when I needed help. I can’t wait for the spring to come and plant my garden.”

– Manuela P.


“Didn’t expected this level of quality from the downloaded documents. There is really all I needed there to build the garden by myself.”

– Jeremy T.


“What I am excited about is the really nice people from Planting Puzzle and their quick support reaction. Now I chose my design and can’t wait to watch my plants grow.”

– Daniela P.

*Money back in 30 days if you did not downloaded any files from the bought garden project,

*Money back in 30 days guaranteed, if no files were downloaded from the bought garden project.

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